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Govt to build "giant solar power plants" for households


Ljubljana - The government is gearing up to increase the capacity of production of electricity from solar energy, with Prime Minister Robert Golob announcing a plan to set up "giant solar power plants" available to households in the next three years.

The Infrastructure Ministry confirmed for the STA on Friday that it was working intensively on the plan to increase the solar power production capacity, after Golob made the announcement on Thursday evening.

The government tasked at yesterday's session Infrastructure Minister Bojan Kumer with drawing up a plan to increase this capacity by 1,000 megawatts by 2025 in suitable locations in cooperation with national grid operator ELES and distribution system operator SODO.

The ministry said that the final plan would contain all relevant proposals from the operators and made public immediately after being adopted.

Golob also told the Odmevi news show on the public broadcaster TV Slovenija this was a medium-term measure that started anew the process of construction of solar power plants in Slovenia.

"We have prepared a plan ... that will enable a third of Slovenian households to access community solar power plants," he said.

These community facilities will be "giant solar power plants" that will be connected and available to households at a known price by means of a community platform.

The plan is to build the power plants in three years. "This has been prepared by ELES. We have sat down with representatives of the power industry and found a way to build large solar power plants adapted to locations where the grid can withstand this," the prime minister said.


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