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Average Slovenian indulges in four litres of ice cream a year

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Ljubljana - An average Slovenian consumes nearly four litres of ice cream at home per year, shows the latest data released by the Statistics Office to mark today's unofficial holiday celebrating this treat. Slovenia exports far more ice cream than it imports.

Last year, Slovenia imported ice cream worth almost EUR 16 million, mainly from Germany and Croatia, but it exported an amount worth more than five times as much, primarily to the UK and Germany.

The average price per litre of ice cream stood at nearly four euros, and the price of an ice cream treat with cream at cafes was roughly five euros.

One of the best known Slovenian ice creams bears the name of Planica to pay tribute to the famous sky jumping hill, and has been produced since 1974.

Ice Cream Day celebrations originate from the US, where July is National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of the month National Ice Cream Day.


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