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Slovenia Spent Quarter of GDP on Social Security in 2010


The main sources of funds for social security schemes were social contributions and the state budget, with the contributions by employers accounting for EUR 2.3bn, social contributions paying persons for EUR 3.4bn and general government contributions for just short of EUR 3bn.

The biggest share of funds spent on social security in 2010, EUR 3.4bn, went for schemes for old age and almost a third of the funds or EUR 2.8bn went for healthcare.

Schemes for family and children, disabilities and the death of the financial supporter of a household got EUR 1.9bn in 2010 and the remaining 5% of the social security expenditure went for schemes for the unemployed and those affected by other forms of social exclusion, and accommodation.

In 2010, funding increased the most for the area of various forms of social exclusion, where 15% more funds were spent, followed by unemployment schemes, which got 14% more money than in 2009.

The only area where funding decreased (by 3%) was the support needed in case of the death of a supporter of a family.


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