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Ministry rep says Slovenia supports continued aid to Ukraine


Brussels - Representing Slovenia at a session of the EU's Foreign Affairs Council on Monday, at which further military aid to Ukraine was agreed on, Foreign Ministry State Secretary Marko Štucin said Slovenia supported continued aid to Ukraine, including for critical infrastructure and institutions, and all efforts towards post-war reconstruction.

The EU foreign ministers agreed in Brussels that the bloc will allocate an additional EUR 500 million for aid in arms for a total of EUR 2.5 billion, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell announced.

As the Foreign Ministry also said in a press release after the session, at the time of changed geopolitical conditions the EU must strengthen strategic partnerships, including with Latin America and the Caribbean.

This region is an important partner in advocating for a rules-based international order and for global food security in times of war in Europe, it added.

Štucin was quoted as saying that "enhancing political dialogue, trade relations and sectoral cooperation, including the digital agenda, is crucial."


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