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Večer says Slovenia failed to prepare for drought

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Ljubljana - The newspaper Večer says in its commentary on Tuesday that Slovenia has failed to adapt to the changing climate and its effects on agriculture and other aspects of life.

As the country braces for another heatwave and witnesses severe drought, the paper says Slovenia had seen 15 droughts in the past 20 years and yet nothing has happened since the first climate strategy for agriculture was drafted in 2008.

"A few action plans have been drafted since then, here and there a local irrigation system was built, but there is still no clear plan on how to save Slovenian farmers from constant fretting over weather," the paper says under the headline Drought of Measures.

Experts believe that five large water reservoirs would be enough for the irrigation of agricultural land in entire Slovenia, but no government has attempted this project, while producers have it harder every year.

Households are coming to feel the consequences of drought as well. "If we had tackled the issues systemically and in time, the effects on our comfortable lives would have been smaller."

The paper says that water saving systems exist, mentioning use of rainwater to flush toilets. It would be sensible to use such systems in public buildings, or build potable water reservoirs that would fill up during rainfall and get emptied in drought.


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