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Covid-19 re-boost being made available to all adults


Ljubljana - The national advisory committee on immunization has recommended a second booster shot of a Covid-19 vaccine in particular to vulnerable patients, care home residents and those aged over 80, while recommending it to everyone over 60. A re-booster or fourth Covid shot is also being allowed to everyone over the age of 18.

According to the minutes of the group's 12 July meeting that have been released by the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ), a re-booster is being recommended especially to persons at increased risk of developing severe Covid-19 symptoms, in particularly vulnerable chronic patients, as well as to care home residents and anyone over 80 years of age.

A second booster is now also being recommended for all those aged 60 and over.

If they wish to do so, everyone else aged 18 or over can also get a second booster shot, the committee on immunisation decided.

Re-boosters will be made available to all the eligible groups after vaccination providers get updated instructions, which is to happen in the coming days.

A second booster can follow at least three months after the most recent jab or recovery from Covid-19.

The committee has called for re-booster jabs to be administered as soon as possible to the elderly residing in care homes.

NIJZ data shows that 60% of Slovenia's population has received at least one shot of a vaccine against Covid-19 and 58% have been fully vaccinated. Only 31% have got their first booster shot and 717 people in total have so far received a second booster.


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