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PM Janša expects hot Political Autumn


"Our European friends constantly ask how is it even possible that a thing like this happened; how is it possible that we fell from the top of the EU...into the poor company of states being mentioned as potential aid candidates in mere three years," said Janša.

He noted that there is not enough willingness and unity at the moment to acknowledge the situation and make the necessary steps to resolve the situation.

"Observers from outside the country wonder how is it possible that there is not enough awareness, nor ability to cooperate," said the PM, adding that he had offered cooperation and partnership to the opposition the day he was sworn in.

But the opposition not only rejects cooperation, it keeps breaking their word, said Janša, adding that both opposition parties were changing their minds constantly.

He said that his party will do everything in its power for Slovenia to remain a sovereign republic and "we will do everything so that after long decades Slovenia gets a democrat for president."

SDS presidential candidate and MEP Milan Zver was also on hand, expressing the wish for an undivided Slovenia. He moreover promised to improve the country's reputation abroad if he wins the election.

He believes the difference in support for him and the other two main candidates, former PM Borut Pahor and incumbent President Danilo Türk will grow smaller


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