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Wages in May down compared to April


Ljubljana - Compared to earnings for April, the average gross earnings for May in Slovenia were lower, in nominal terms by 0.6% and in real terms by 2.5%. Slovenians earned an average of EUR 1,297.39 in take-home pay, down by 0.5% in nominal, and 2.5% in real terms, the Statistics Office said on Friday.

The average gross pay in May stood at EUR 1989.53.

The average gross pay in the private sector dropped by 0.9%, but remained roughly on a par with April's in the public sector.

In the institutional sector of the general government, part of the public sector, average gross earnings decreased by 1.4%, fresh data shows.

Month-on-month, the average gross pay was up the most(by 10.4%) in the energy, gas, and steam supply sectors, amounting to EUR 3183.63. This is mainly due to higher bonuses being paid out.

Meanwhile, the average gross pay dropped the most in the insurance sector, by 8.2%, which can be contributed to lower bonuses, the Statistics Office noted.


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