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UniCredit sells its leasing arm to asset management firm


Ljubljana - The UniCredit Banka Slovenija bank has sold its leasing arm Unicredit Leasing to the APS Group, whose Slovenian subsidiary APS Finance Adria is headquartered in Maribor. The bank did not reveal any more detail about the new owner, while noting that the leasing company would continue to do business as until now.

"There will be no changes for leasing customers," the Slovenian subsidiary of the Italian banking group UniCredit said in a press release on Friday as it announced the sale.

There is no information about the new owner in the press release, nor is there any information about the Slovenian subsidiary of the APS group on the its website or in the public records.

It can be concluded from the logo that the new owner is a financial group with headquarters in Luxembourg, which is present mainly in Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe, and in Asia.

The APS Group was established in 2004 and has so far operated in 15 countries, mainly in real estate management, alternative investments and non-performing assets.

Unicredit Leasing had not been active in the market for around two years, and has only been waiting for the repayments of the given leases, as the UniCredit Group has decided that leasing would no longer be a strategic activity in Slovenia.

Between 2018 to 2021, the assets of the leasing company decreased by more than half to around EUR 100 million, and there were rumours recently that UniCredit will reduce its presence in Slovenia or even withdraw altogether from the country.


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