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Number of ships and passengers at Slovenian coast up in 2021


Ljubljana - A total of 3,045 ships were recorded in the Slovenian coastal towns of Koper, Izola and Piran last year, up by 9% year-on-year. Most passenger vessels went through Piran, while cargo ships only passed through Koper. Passenger traffic also significantly increased compared to 2020, fresh data from the Statistics Office shows.

A total off 55 passenger vessels were recorded in the three Slovenian ports, most of them in Piran, while in 2020 only two passed through.

Most ships docking at or passing the Slovenian coast were recorded in October, and the least in January.

Koper had the higher number of cruise ships at 22 compared to Piran's 11, while Izola no passenger vessels docked in Izola.

A total of 6,773 ship passengers were recorded on the Slovenian coast last year, most of them in Piran. This is a significant increase from 2020 when the number stood at 114.

96% of passenger traffic in Koper were cruise ships, which also accounted for 18% of passenger traffic in Piran.

Slovenia's only cargo ship port, the Koper port, accommodated 2,290 cargo ships last year, 190 more than 2020, and transshipped 20 million tonnes of cargo, up by 9% from 2020.

Most of the cargo was transported in March, while the lowest number was recorded in August.


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