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Solkan hydro plant shuts down due to drought


Nova Gorica - The Solkan Hydropower Plant has been temporarily shut down due to extremely low flow of the Soča river caused by prolonged drought, its operator, Soške Elektrarne Nova Gorica, has announced. This is the first time the Solkan plant has been non-operational since 2003.

Currently, the average flow of the river in Solkan is so low that it does not allow for the turbines to operate safely, explained the hydropower company.

The ecologically acceptable flow is ensured by guiding the water over the gates of the dam and is equal to the natural inflow of the Soča river.

Up until Wednesday, a slightly higher-than-natural flow was ensured by emptying the reservoirs.

However, reservoir levels on the Soča have reached critical levels that no longer allow for them to be emptied, the company added.


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