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Development of eGovernment in Slovenia close to European average


Ljubljana - Slovenia placed well within the European average at 19th out of 35 countries as the European Commission published the latest results of its regular comparative analysis of eGovernment services development in the EU and another eight countries for 2022.

The eGovernment Benchmark measures the quality of eGovernment services for citizens and companies. Findings also show Slovenia is below average in terms of the digitalization rate, but above average regarding the use of internet in society.

This still places Slovenia among the countries with an unconsolidated e-government, along with Ireland, France, Hungary and the Czech Republic, meaning that these countries could further improve their range and quality of digital services, the Public Administration Ministry noted.

Slovenia ranks 19th out of 35 countries in terms of eGovernment development, which is based on a two-year average of the main indicators. The benchmark analysis highlighted the Slovenian Supreme Court's IQ Justice project as an example of best practice, the ministry said when summing up the Commission's analysis.

The latest analysis focused on events, such as a company's regular operations, moving, transport, small claims and health. By comparatively analysing eGovernment development, it evaluates the quality of government digital services in 35 European countries - apart from the 27 EU states also Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.

The countries' citizens marked the performance of the eGovernment services, while also visiting and reviewing over 14,000 websites.

With such analyses, countries can determine the quality of their services compared to other European countries.

The measurements were carried out in 2021.

The next cycle of surveys is currently under way, focussing on events such as starting a business, career, studies, and family life. The results will be release in 2023.


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