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Petrol and diesel a few cents cheaper from Tuesday


Ljubljana - Regular petrol and diesel sold at service stations outside the motorway network in Slovenia will be cheaper from Tuesday, by 8.6 cents and 2.3 cents, respectively. A litre of petrol will cost EUR 1.534 and diesel EUR 1.676, the Economy Ministry announced on Monday.

This is the third consecutive drop in regulated prices outside the motorway network, where they change every two weeks depending on the price of oil derivatives on the global market and the euro-dollar exchange rate.

The new prices will include an environmental duty on CO2 emissions as the government changed today a relevant regulation to reintroduce the obligation to pay this duty on petrol, diesel, natural gas and heating oil after temporarily lifting it to cushion the rising retail fuel prices on 21 June when it introduced the new pricing model.

Back then it was decided that the duty would be suspended by 17 August. But in line with today's government decision, the duty will again need to be paid as of tomorrow.

The government also scrapped on 21 July the contribution for support for production of electricity from renewable energy sources or from highly efficient co-production. This was said to be in force for a year, while fuel prices remain partly regulated.

Retailers' margins for fuels outside motorways are capped at 5.91 cents per litre for diesel and 6.07 cents per litre for regular petrol.

Along the motorways, prices are fully liberalised.

The new prices outside the motorways will be in place for a day more than usually, including on Tuesday, 16 August, because Monday, 15 August, is a bank holiday.


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