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Digital voucher beneficiaries may sign up for obligatory courses


Ljubljana - The government released a list of 29 IT course providers across the country that are included in the digital vouchers scheme for people over 55 on Tuesday. The courses will be free of charge and a precondition for the over-55s to redeem their digital vouchers to buy IT devices.

The subsidised courses will have to be carried out by 30 November and permanent residents aged 55 or older will be able to attend.

Those interested in participating are advised to sign up directly with the providers. Every individual can attend only one course.

Courses will last 12 hours, while 9-hour attendance will suffice for voucher eligibility.

Participation in the course is a precondition for individuals to be included in the Financial Administration's Digital Voucher 22 registry, which will then allow those eligible to purchase computer equipment with their EUR 150 voucher.

Digital vouchers have already been made available to primary school students in final three years, as well as secondary school and university students. They are able to redeem their EUR 150 voucher without any preconditions.

Students have until the end of November to redeem their voucher. By the start of August, nearly 86,300 students or 39% of those eligible redeemed them for a total amount of EUR 12.14 million. They mostly bought wireless earphones, laptops, tablets, keypads, mouses and screens.


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