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Finance dissatisfied with govt measures


Ljubljana - The business newspaper Finance criticises on Wednesday the government's mitigation measures against the rising inflation, saying that taxes are going up in what are short-sighted measures.

Prime Minister Robert Golob's "team is fighting price hikes by arbitrarily setting the prices of fuel, electricity and gas. It is clear who will pay for this if companies once make a loss because of this and sue the state. It will be us, the taxpayers.

"Make no mistake - I am not in favour of any turbo-capitalism and making extra profits due to a state of emergency. But measures, laws, restrictions, even in an emergency, must be well thought out, as the consequences could batter us for years to come," says the commentator in a piece headlined What Golob Is Doing to Fight Inflation? Making the Country More Expensive Too.

Finance is also critical of the government's decision to make tax changes and "wipe out virtually the only good thing the previous government of Janez Janša did" - tax relief on wages.

The commentary looks with concern ahead, towards the planned wealth tax in 2024. It is also sceptical that the government will reduce payroll taxes after increasing them now even though the OECD is telling it to do that.


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