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Review ordered of construction of premises for interior ministry, police


Ljubljana - Interior Minister Tatjana Bobnar has ordered a review of the project to build new premises for the Interior Ministry and the police, the Necenzurirano news website has reported. The contract was signed by previous Interior Minister AleŇ° Hojs with the state-owned real estate investment firm DSU in July 2021.

DSU would build the premises in Litostrojska Street in Ljubljana in four year's time and lease them to the ministry and police.

The ministry told the portal on Thursday that it would take further decisions about the project after the extraordinary review is completed, expectedly in September.

According to Necenzurirano, DSU rushed with the drafting of the project dossier to get the project so far ahead that it could no longer be stopped.

This is said to be due to fear that the project, like many other investments or projects of the previous government, would be halted or subjected to review.

Necenzurirano said that in January, DSU selected the company Plan B "after a number of complications and corrections to the public procurement documents" amid warnings about some contentious terms and about restriction of competition.

In May, Plan B and its partners received first payments, around EUR 750,000, or almost 20% of the entire value, for preparing the documents required for a building permit.

Plan B is now working on further documentation required for construction, which is a prerequisite for publishing a public tender to select the contractor for the construction work.

According to Necenzurirano, DSU instructed its staff working on the project to complete their work as soon as possible despite many workers being on annual leave.

As the ministry told the portal, a key factor in deciding on further steps will be the cost of a potential stoppage of the project.

Under the law, the parties must indemnify each other against any damage caused to them by a breach of the contract, the ministry explained.


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