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Dnevnik sceptical of small solar power plant plan for Ljubljana


Ljubljana - Dnevnik says in Saturday's commentary that Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković is reckoning without the host when he is announcing construction of solar power plants on roofs of public buildings, as it is not clear whether it will be possible to connect such power plants to the distribution network.

The Slovenian distribution network, as it is today, was not built for a large number of small electricity producers such as small solar power plants, the newspaper says in Janković's Reckoning without the Host.

So far, neither the state nor electricity distribution companies have made sure that updates and upgrades are made to enable a large number of small power plants to be connected to the grid, it adds.

"On the contrary. When electricity distributors started rejecting applications for connecting new solar power plants to the grid because the network is too weak, the government of Janez Janša cut funding for their investments in the network for three months."

Because the network is oversaturated, electricity distributors are rejecting more and more applications, and even those investors whose applications are approved increasingly often get consent for a lower power than requested.

So, the fact that the capacity of the network is insufficient and that the number of applications for self-supply may significantly restrict and slow down the implementation of "Janković's wish list".

Things could get complicated, for example, at the planned locations in the city centre, where there are no power lines and power plants cannot be connected to a powerful transmission network, Dnevnik notes.

The announced solar renaissance in Ljubljana once again proves that while there is much talk about renewable sources, there are no true possibilities to utilise them, concludes the commentary.


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