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Ljubljana's bike share scheme gaining in popularity


Ljubljana - An increasing number of people are using Ljubljana's bicycle self system. On average, each bike is rented eight times a day, show data released by the city.

In 2021 the number of Bicikelj users went up by 26.8% compared to the year before, to 235,334, of which 63,823 were active.

There are currently 253,933 registered users and 55,061 active users.

Last year there were 1,047,069 rentals, and this year the number hit 870,313 by the end of July.

A new daily record was set on 12 May when 8,158 rentals took place in a single day.

The average duration of a ride was 18 minutes, and the majority of the rides were less than an hour long, meaning they were free of charge.

Starting out with 300 bicycles and 30 docking stations, Ljubljana now boasts 830 bikes docked at 83 stations.


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