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Europe should not give in to aggressors, says Delo


Ljubljana - The newspaper Delo writes that Europe should not yield to authoritarian states and new aggressors in Monday's front-page commentary headlined Europe against Might is Right.

The paper notes events that have changed the course of history, finding that the "disastrously staged" US withdrawal from Afghanistan has changed international relations that have so far been based on 'Pax Americana' and some believe it contributed to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Mentioning Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan and China's potential retaliation against the island, the paper finds that authoritarian states have gained on power and Europe will have to decide too about what is the right side of history and face up to its wrong course of energy and economic development.

"Germany, in particular, is paying dearly for the old truth that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and the good wishes for economic cooperation with autocratic states, known as 'Wandel durch Handel', have also given those states the means and the will to escalate. If Russian President Putin turns off the gas tap, they may be counting frozen pensioners, if China's Xi Jinping freezes trade, car manufacturers will be in trouble.

"If Europe gives in to new aggressors, they will continue to get the means for their plans of aggression, and its own little imperialists may raise their heads. After the two world wars, there are plenty of borders on the Continent that may be subject of disputes, where small and weak countries would be the likeliest victims. When might makes right, anything goes. Peace and civilisation are at stake, and the West must not give in."


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