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Govt reintroduces energy efficiency contribution


Ljubljana - Petrol and diesel will be slightly more expensive as of 17 August, as the government decided on Monday to reintroduce energy efficiency contributions, which had been abolished temporarily to reduce energy prices. Diesel will thus be 0.8 cents more expensive per litre and petrol will be 0.736 cents dearer per litre.

The government said after a correspondence session that the contribution had to be reintroduced because it provided funds for Eko Sklad, the country's sustainable energy development scheme fund.

"These funds support investments that increase energy independence, efficiency and increase the share of renewables," the government said. A longer fallout would endanger Eko Sklad's running projects, it added.

The contribution was scrapped in mid-June alongside a host of other measures aimed at reigning in the growing energy prices.

Currently, a litre of premium petrol costs EUR 1.534 at stations outside motorways, while a litre of diesel costs EUR 1.676. While prices at the pump outside motorways are regulated, prices along the motorway network are not.


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