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Almost half check job emails while on vacation, survey shows


Ljubljana - A survey by pollster Mediana suggests that almost half of Slovenians check their job emails during vacations. This was admitted by 46% of the respondents, with 15% saying their employer expects emails to get answered despite them being on holiday. The majority do not alter their mobile phone use when vacationing, the poll also showed.

The poll, conducted between 18 and 21 July on the internet and including 440 respondents, had 22% of the employed respondents say that while their employer did not officially expect them to answer emails during vacations, they still had the feeling this was desired.

Roughly 63% of the employed respondents said their employer did not expect them to use their job email while they were on holiday.

The results come after a recent survey by the Labour Ministry showed that 77% of the respondents working in the public sector answered work-related calls and emails when not officially at work. Moreover, 54% complete their tasks during their free time. Similar figures were found for the private sector too.

The ministry said that the blurring of the boundary between work and free time constituted a particular kind of pressure, which is why legislative changes are in the pipeline that will clearly define the right to off-time.

Meanwhile, the Mediana survey showed that while most used their mobile phone in the same way as usually despite being on holiday, 25% said they used it less and roughly 10% that they used it more. Only 2% said they refrained from mobile phone use while on holiday.


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