The Slovenia Times

Scandals in The Slovenian Church to go on?


The paper wonders whether results of a DNA test refuting the rumours about his fatherhood could bring an end to the scandal. Would that help his successor, Ljubljana Archbishop Anton Stres, lead the church in the turbulent times, Večer wonders.

When Uran was promoted to archbishop, the expectations of the senior church official were high. He was expected to bring religion closer to people, prevent them from losing faith, but he did not live up to that.

"He was not skilled in decision making or was not bold enough, people were saying, when he was leaving the post. It was not just about him having a weak heart."

Noting that the church takes time to thoroughly examine all rumours before taking action, the paper says that the Holy See was in a very much of a hurry to remove the Ljubljana archbishop from the spotlight.

It goes on to wonder whether former Apostolic Nuncio to Slovenia, Santos Abril Y Castello, had some other "big scandal" apart from possible fatherhood in mind when he wrote to Uran in Israel in 2010, telling him to "live in a way that will not pose a severe risk of big scandals" if he decides to return to Slovenia.

It will be very bad if the church rumours are confirmed and the alleged fatherhood is not Uran's "entire (un)moral code", the paper warns under "Uran's Code".


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