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Govt launches dialogue with NGOs representing old and young


Ljubljana - Prime Minister Rober Golob met with representatives of NGOs advocating for the young and the old on Thursday. The meeting, which Golob said was "definitely not the last", agreed on the creation of task forces which will address some of the most urgent issues.

Talking to the press after what he called a constructive debate, Golob listed issues such as scholarships for the young, the pensioners' expectations regarding pension increase, and access to mental health services for the young, which he said required immediate and decisive action.

He said a clear wish was expressed that the young and the old addressed issues together. "This is also one of the reasons why the new act on the government entails a ministry of intergenerational solidarity. The meeting also showed a clear wish that the existing office for youth be reshaped into an office for intergenerational solidarity," said Golob.

The implementation of the changes to the act on the government, which is amended by every new prime minister to shape their cabinet, has been halted because the opposition Democrats (SDS) are challenging it with a referendum. If they manage to collect 40,000 signatures of support for the vote in September, the referendum will be held in autumn.

Janez Sušnik, the president of the Union of Pensioners' Associations (ZDUS), raised several issues at the meeting, including how to help pensioners with low income tackle inflation. He wants an unscheduled pension raise and welfare bonus for pensioners.

Her also criticised the act on long-term care and digital vouchers. He said the latter was a meaningless measure, as only a few thousand people over the age of 54 will be able to sign up for digital skills courses and redeem EUR 150 vouchers. He believes it were for the best if the scheme were scrapped.

Listing the key topics for the elderly, Sušnik underlined their financial status, healthcare and digitalisation. He also proposed the establishment of an office for seniors or an office for intergenerational solidarity. He said the meeting today was very brief.

Student Organisation (ŠOS) president Marike Grubar said the young wanted to be equal partners in discussing the issues that concern them and expressed satisfaction with being invited to the meeting.

Highlighting the most burning issues, she listed scholarships, the labour market, student housing and access to mental health services.


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