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Sport climber Potočar wins silver in lead at European Championships


Munich - Luka Potočar has won silver in the men's lead discipline to clinch the third medal for Slovenian sport climbers at the European Championships in Munich after Janja Garnbret won the championship in the women's competition in both lead and bouldering.

Potočar, 20, secured a medal with a score of 37+ points to take the lead from Olympic champion Albert Gines Lopez of Spain, but had to wait for two more finalists to have a try before he could see what colour his medal would be.

Czech climber Adam Ondra scored the same number of points as Potočar but finished one minute ahead of him and being better in the previous part of the competition took the lead to win the championship title. Austria's Jakob Schubert was to decide the winner but ended up without a medal with a score of 34+.

This is Potočar's second medal in major competitions after becoming the first Slovenian male climber to win silver in the lead discipline in the 2021 IFSC Climbing World Championships in Moscow. He placed 14th in bouldering at the ongoing championships in Munich.


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