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Foreign literary translators in Slovenia for a seminar


Ljubljana - Ljubljana and Maribor are hosting the 12th iteration of the International Translation Seminar of Slovenian Literature until 20 August. Eleven translators from nine countries are taking part.

The seminar will open on Monday with a discussion themed Linguistic Nomads: Foreign Translators in Slovenia. The event, taking place in the garden of Vila Zlatica, is open to the general public.

The annual seminar is organised by the Slovenian Association of Literary Translators to promote publications of top-quality translations of Slovenian literature abroad and stimulate cooperation between Slovenian authors, translators and publishers in Slovenia and abroad.

This year the seminar is being attended by Ivanka Apostolova and Darko Spasov from North Macedonia, Dragana Bojanić Tijardović and Jelena Ivanišević from Serbia, Miroslav Gradečak from Croatia, Olivia Hellewell from the UK, David Heredero Zorzo from Spain, Inesa Kuryan from Belarus, Patrizia Raveggi from Italy, Nadežda Starikova from Russia and Nikodem Szczyglowski from Poland.

Guest authors and expert moderators will run workshops at which translators will work on excerpts from Mateja Gomboc's award-winning youth novel Balada o Drevesu (A Ballad about a Tree), Ana Svetel's collection of short stories Dobra Družba (Good Society), Zorko Simčič's novel Človek na Obeh Straneh Stene (The Man on Both Sides of the Wall) and Izar Lunaček's comic book Müsli In Rüsbe.

The seminar will also feature lectures by experts on Slovenian contemporary literature, theatre, publishing, translation theory and practice and promotion of Slovenian literature.

Apart from the opening event three more literary evenings will follow in Maribor that will be open to the general public, featuring Mateja Gomboc, Izar Lunaček and Ana Svetel.

Since 2010 the International Translation Seminar of Slovenian Literature has brought together around a hundred translators from 25 countries or language environments, more than 40 authors and more than 80 experts.


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