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Food supply chain ombudsman calls for equal distribution of risk


Ljubljana - A report by the Food Supply Chain Relations Ombudsman for 2021 calls for equal distribution of risks throughout the food supply chain, and fair and transparent relationships. "Direct purchases from producers help prevent price hikes and self-sufficiency is also a significant factor in this."

The annual report, which has been sent to the government, states that the food supply chain breaks down in crisis situations and that suppliers and producers are the weakest links. Moreover, the negotiating position of stakeholders has worsened.

Producers must become more connected, with the report advising a greater role for cooperatives and that the state encourage cooperation.

The report says that unlawful actions have been on the decline but they still cause problems in the supply chain.

The ombudsman calls for transparent business relations among stakeholders, a higher level of trust, meeting of expectations and respect for agreements. Sanctions should be proportionate to the quantity and financial scope of a deal.

The report also raises the issue of disregard for payment terms. The ombudsman believes the business process should be such as to guarantee payment by the statutory deadline.


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