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Dobrna spa quadruples profit in 2021


Dobrna - Terme Dobrna, a spa in north-eastern Slovenia, has reported a net profit of EUR 892,000 for 2021, which compares to EUR 248,000 the year before. Net sales revenue increased by 26% to EUR 11.1 million.

In the report, Terme Dobrna director Leon Tomašić stressed the spa had recovered after the Covid-19 pandemic, including because Slovenian tourists preferred to vacate closer to home. The share of overnight stays by foreign tourists amounted to 5%.

Hotels at what is Slovenia's oldest operating spa recorded an average occupancy rate of 69%. The healthcare segment accounted for 43.4% of the spa's revenue, but the tourism segment is also recovering stronger than expected, Tomašić wrote.

The company, which had 203 employees at the end of last year, moreover noted a lack of appropriate personnel on the job market. It used responsive employment policies, lean employment methods, the preservation of jobs during the epidemic and actively sought staff abroad to deal with the issue.


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