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Silver Kozmus Welcomed by Fans at Ljubljana Airport


Speaking to the press, Kozmus noted that the final competition was an interesting one, as he made a number of mistakes, which was something that he was used to seeing with his rivals.

Touching on the Sunday's event which he finished with a throw of 79.36m, Kozmus expressed belief that the golden medal (Krisztian Pars; 80.5m) was also up for grabs "with a technically perfect throw". "But this has to be seen from the perspective of great competitions, which are always a bit different from other meetings".

"It is also good for me to be beaten at times, but I'm quite happy with the way I was beaten in London," he added.

Quizzed about the future, Kozmus said that his goal was to compete in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. "We'll see how my body will act. The plan is to get there healthy and ready for new challenges."

Touching on his nearer goals, Kozmus said that he would first travel to his home town of Brežice, where a reception is waiting for his arrival, and then take a day or two of vacation, followed by continued training.

"There are two competitions in September and it would be good for me to get into an adequate form by them," he added.

Kozmus's coach Primož Četrtič moreover said that he had only acted as an aid providing support, and that Kozmus himself had taken care of his form.


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