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Cost of living on agenda as govt convenes after summer break


Ljubljana - Following a two-week summer recess, the government cabinet will reconvene on Thursday. The government is expected to adopt further measures to address the high prices of energy expected in the autumn and winter. The ministers will be discussing cost of living allowances and measures to help businesses.

The government has already capped prices of electricity and gas for households and small businesses, and it adopted legislative changes introducing temporary reduction of VAT on fuels. It also plans to impose price regulation for heating oil and remote heating before the start of the heating season.

Following appeals for help from the business sector, the government is expected to discuss a draft bill on measures for business in the face of high electricity and gas prices.

Prime Minister Robert Golob said earlier this week that the government will adopt a decision to cover a part of the electricity price increase from the budget - within the limitations of EU state aid rules. The additional funds will be allocated in the budget of the Ministry for Technological Development and Economy.

Similar measures are likely to follow for other fuels. However, Golob warned that some companies will have it still much harder next year. Therefore, the government was working on an incremental approach.

In July, the government also announced an allowance for the poor to overcome the rising cost of living. The payments are to cover the difference between income and the poverty threshold.

They are to be paid out in autumn, with the first batch estimated at EUR 90 million. The government estimates that about 50,000 families will be eligible.


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