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Mladina likens SDS, Janša, Urbanija to high school bullies


Ljubljana - The weekly Mladina likens the opposition Democratic Party (SDS), its president Janez Janša and the new director of TV Slovenija Uroš Urbanija to high school bullies. "It is time to say: no more terrorising the society." Bullies should be faced down or else they only grow more brutal.

The weekly refers to Urbanija's decision to discontinue any business cooperation with Mladina following an editorial he did not like. His actions today are only the continuation of what he has been doing for a long time with the STA and public broadcaster RTV Slovenija.

Urbanija is Janša's most merciless political commissar, Mladina editor-in-chief Grega Repovž says under the headline Crime at RTV Slovenija, Part II.

He goes on to repeat his position that all those being hired by Urbanija will have to be removed from the public broadcaster, the stance Urbanija found so offensive in last week's editorial.

Mladina says that once RTV Slovenija has a new leadership, it will have to follow the lead of the Interior Ministry and the police. They understand that a normal police force is not possible unless its employees and the entire system face the period when they went beyond democracy and became a body of a political party, acting against the Constitution, legislation and democracy.

"The SDS is not a party. It is a family business run by Janez Janša pretending to be a party, abusing the public system and public funds. It is not about politics, Janša does not care about ideology, after all he has held every view possible. It is about money, power, influence."

The majority of moves made by the last Janša government was designed to redirect public funds into private flows, most staffing decisions put people where cash-flow decisions are made.

"What is more, all their family members work in the public sector. All their universities are funded by taxpayers. All their organisations are funded by taxpayers even though they are actually a part of the party."

Focused on money, the SDS does not care if it destroys RTV Slovenija or a cultural institution. "They are always counting on nobody standing up to them, that being brutal and obnoxious will make everybody stand down," says Mladina, adding that this is the purpose of Urbanija's attack on the weekly.


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