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Presidential election campaign gets going in earnest


Ljubljana - Today is the first day when candidates vying to become Slovenia's new president in the 23 October election can submit their candidacy, and voters can formally support their candidates with signatures.

The candidates have until 28 September to submit their candidacy with the National Electoral Commission.

If a candidate stands with the support of MPs, they need 10 MP signatures.

If backed by a political party, a candidate needs the support of three MPs or 3,000 voter signatures.

If standing as as independent, a candidate needs to collect 5,000 verified voter signatures.

The vast majority of the candidates who have announced their bids so far plan to run as formally independent and will collect voter signatures.

Only one parliamentary party, the Freedom Movement, will have a candidate, Marta Kos, formally fielded by the party.

An┼że Logar, an MP for the Democrats (SDS), has entered the race with the clear support of his party but will formally run as an independent and collect voter signatures.

The National Electoral Commission will determine who made the cut after 28 September.

It will than set the order of candidates on the ballot in a draw and publicly release the list by 7 October.


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