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Average Monthly Pay Down 1.8% in June over May


Average gross pay was at EUR 1,501.40 in June, down 2.2% over May in nominal terms and 1.6% in real terms.

After the implementation of the act on the balancing of public finances, which curbed public sector pay, the gap between the public and the private sector narrowed in June.

The gap between average net salaries narrowed by 3.1% over the month before, to EUR 381.18. The trend was even more pronounced in gross pay, where the gap narrowed by 6.3%.

Average monthly salary in the public sector was at EUR 1,747.89 gross, while in the private sector it stood at EUR 1,366.71.

The biggest pay cuts were recorded in education (down by 4.4% on monthly level), research and technological activity (down by 3.2%) and construction (3.1%).

Average monthly pay for the fist six months of 2012 was at EUR 1,523.94 gross or EUR 990.08 net; the figure was 1% higher than in the same period last year in nominal terms and 1.5% lower in real terms.


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