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Mladina says climate change will lead to violence


Ljubljana - Commenting on the world's failure to address climate change, the weekly Mladina says in its editorial on Friday that inaction will make life so hard for many people and will ultimately result in violence.

It cites Marcel Štefančič, Jr., one of Mladina's columnists, who wondered in a recent interview with the daily Dnevnik, why the world is still standing by as climate change is wreaking havoc on the planet.

Referring to Swedish ecologist Andreas Malm, Štefančič asked why people are not blowing up pipelines and SUVs. "Why stick with peaceful politics?"

Hitler was not stopped peacefully, the Suffragettes were not peaceful, slavery in the US was not abolished peacefully. "Climate change is similar to slavery. There is no going half way, no compromise," Štefančič told Dnevnik.

Mladina says his words seem radical, but that depends on one's perspective. Climate change is getting worse fast, the weekly warns, describing the effects of lack of water. "Could the situation be any more radical? Even the bleakest forecast did not come close to this radical reality."

But has the business sector realised imminent changes are needed? Has anybody started to adapt? "Has the Chamber of Commerce and Industry called a meeting of CEOs? Has the government called the National Security Council?"

"If climate change were an aggressor, the events of the past year would be called blitzkrieg. The current circumstances would be described by the word war. And the situation would be called occupation."

Štefančič's words do not describe the situation, nor do they call to arms. They are a forecast of the future, Mladina says in the editorial called Is Violence Really Radical?

The global politics and capital seem to have already decided to simply stick to the current economic model as long as possible. "Factories will work until ... the last dollar and euro of profit can be made."

More and more people will be faced with radical changes. Farmers will be unable to produce enough food, making it harder to access for many.

"And at some point, which will come too late ... people will go mad, because that will be the only thing left to do. Violence.

"No wonder Marcel Štefančič, Jr., has been banned from TV Slovenija by the right-wing."


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