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Contents of Fiscal Rule Mostly Harmonised


"There were some relevant questions about the contents, but we could find common ground in another round or two of talks," the minister was mildly optimistic.

The decision whether to enter the rule into the Constitution or not is now in the hands of politicians, but the reasons against it will be political and not based on the contents, Šušteršič noted.

Touching on the possibility to introduce the rule with a law, he said that should Slovenia do that, "we could bypass it with a second law at any time", while the European fiscal compact clearly states that it must "be written in a solid and lasting way".

Branko Grims, an MP of the ruling Democrats (SDS), moreover believes the question is whether to give priority to Slovenian businesses and economic development or to political ambitions. "The SDS will give priority to the former," he stressed.

He moreover noted that Slovenia cannot be compared to France, which decided not to enter the rule into the Constitution, as France was not in such a crunch as Slovenia. Grims believes the only way the country can send a positive message to foreign markets is by introducing the rule into the Constitution.

Opposition Positive Slovenia (PS) MP Maša Kociper on the other hand stressed that her party remained firm in its position that the rule does not have to be entered into the Constitution, as Slovenia had ratified the international compact which takes priority.

The opposition Social Democrats (SD) are steadfast in their opposition to entering the rule into the fundamental law after the French highest court said changing the Constitution is not necessary to ratify the compact, SD president Igor Lukšič told the daily Delo.

Janko Veber of the SD added that his party would be willing to enter the rule into an implementation law, while the two opposition parties believe that such a law should be as comprehensive as possible, according to former Government State Secretary Helena Kamnar.

Šušteršič meanwhile told the press that key decisions about the rule, as well as about managing the state assets, shoring up banks and budgets, would have to be made in September.


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