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Gross insurance premiums up 2.5% to EUR 2.5bn in 2021


Ljubljana - The Slovenian insurance industry's total gross premiums written in 2021 reached almost EUR 2.5 billion, up 2.5% over 2020, Statistics Office figures show. As much as EUR 1.9 billion came from physical persons and the remaining EUR 515 million from legal persons.

Broken down by the type of insurance, the structure of the insurance market remained practically unchanged - individuals spent the most on voluntary health insurance (26%) and life insurance (nearly 24%) and companies on insurance of motor vehicles (around 25%).

Among individuals, the bulk of premiums written came from voluntary health insurance (EUR 626 million) and life insurance (EUR 576 million), followed by land motor vehicle insurance (EUR 261 million) and motor vehicle liability insurance (EUR 193 million).

Companies spent most of the insurance money on motor vehicles - EUR 81 million for vehicle insurance and EUR 65 million for liability.

Insurers paid out claims worth a total of EUR 1.5 billion, up 1.4%, of which EUR 1.3 billion to individuals and EUR 216 million to legal persons.

Voluntary health insurance accounted for the largest amount paid out, at EUR 535.9 million, or over a third, followed by life insurance (EUR 429.6 million) and land motor vehicle insurance (EUR 154.3 million).


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