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Pirc Musar, Logar in the lead in POP TV poll


Ljubljana - Lawyer Nataša Pirc Musar and Anže Logar, the former foreign minister, are in the lead in a presidential opinion poll released by commercial broadcaster POP TV, polling at 28.7% and 25.4%, respectively. Marta Kos, the former diplomat who will run for the ruling party Freedom Movement, polled at 11.4%.

Among other possible candidates Kočevje Mayor Vladimir Prebilič would get 3.3% if election was held last Saturday, gynaecologist Sabina Senčar 2.4%, and former foreign minister Ivo Vajgl 1,9%, POP TV reported in Saturday's 24ur news show.

Almost 17% of respondents were undecided, 3.2% would not vote for any of the candidates and 1.2% would not respond.

If only the respondents who are very likely to turn out in the presidential election are taken into account, Logar would win 31% of the vote, followed by Pirc Musar with 30.2% and Kos with 12.6%.

The poll was conducted by pollster Mediana among 721 people.


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