The Slovenia Times

More Action against Calls for Violence


Gorenak wrote that he expected more engagement in this respect, even if the police may take it as political pressure.

He expressed concern with recent calls to violence against politicians and other public figures, and said he was unsure the police were aware of the possibilities the law gave them for reacting.

Although the minister is aware that individuals will always express anonymously their "inhumane inclinations" in the world of modern communications, he believes the police and prosecution have enough possibilities to react quickly and effectively.

Only this way can acts of violence against public figures be prevented from repeating, he stressed, hinting at the 1992 assassination of Ivan Kramberger, a notable figure of the time and a presidential candidate in the 1990 election.

Gorenak said he also expected institutions that are not in a position to take action to at least clearly condemn such calls to violence.


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