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Zelensky warns all Europe under threat from Russia


Bled - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that Russia was a threat to the whole of Europe, not just Ukraine, as he delivered an address to the Bled Strategic Forum on Monday.

"Russian terror is a threat to everyone, including all EU citizens... Those who do not fight it support it and should be held accountable for it," he said in a video address through an English interpreter.

He called for a full embargo on Russia, which he said threatened everyone from the Baltic countries to Kazakhstan. He said the country should face "all possible sanctions" due to its conduct.

Zelensky called for a continuation of aid to Ukraine, which he said was fighting for the very values that Europe cherishes, noting that a stronger Ukraine meant a stronger Europe.

According to Zelensky, Russian citizens should be encouraged to fight against the regime, but he acknowledged that this was not just Putin's war but Russia's war since the Russians elected these politicians and few are willing to protest against it.


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