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Mufti Wishes Eid al-Fitr Full of Love and Peace


As the faithful adhered to a day-time fast throughout the month, Grabus stressed it is fasting that always reminds the people that selfishness and greed must be avoided.

Selfishness and greed are weaknesses "that we must get rid of and we must accustom ourselves and others to be generous to those in need", the mufti stressed.

He stressed that modern and developed civilisations often forget that there are over a billion people in the world who do not have enough food to live decent lives. "Also among us are many people who do not have the option to live full lives," he added.

Ramadan is a month of solidarity, "which is why we have been learning and encouraging each other to help our closest, the poor and all that depend on our help, we have been strengthening the Islamic community through prayer and socialising", Grabus noted.

The mufti added that Eid al-Fitr is "the celebration of perseverance and the victory over weaknesses and the joy of life as well as an opportunity to share our happiness with our families, friends and neighbours".


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