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Šarec for thorough reflection on EU mission for Ukraine


Prague - Defence Minister Marjan Šarec welcomed a proposal for a potential EU training mission for Ukraine as part of the bloc's ongoing support for the country, as he attended an informal meeting of EU defence ministers in Prague on Tuesday.

However, Šarec also stressed the need for "thorough reflection and an in-depth discussion" before the EU would take the final decision, the Defence Ministry said.

The EU's foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said after the meeting that the ministers agreed to launch the necessary preparations to define the legal and operative basis of a potential new mission, which would then serve to take the final decision.

Urging swift and ambitious action in this regard, Borrell noted some EU member states were already training Ukrainian troops, while saying that there was a need to ensure greater coordination of these efforts.

Šarec meanwhile said that Slovenia will continue to provide assistance and support to Ukraine and was committed to continuing its cooperation within EU, NATO and UN activities in support of Ukraine.

The minister also pointed to the role of stability and security in the Western Balkans, drawing attention to the consequences of the war in Ukraine for the region.

He highlighted the EU's Althea operation in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which expires in November. "With its mandate, Althea is one of the pillars of stability in the region and we must do everything to keep the region safe," Šarec was quoted as saying.


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