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Smell of saute potato wafting through Bled


Bled - Smells of saute potato made with onions in "more than 99 ways" are wafting through Bled on Saturday as the lakeside town hosts the 22nd annual world festival of this traditional Slovenian dish.

Frying started at 9am with the official opening of the festival to follow at noon. Free tastings will be available into the late afternoon, along with other culinary delights.

The festival is organised by Society for Saute Potato with Onions as Independent Dish, which cultivates its own potato field on the outskirts of Ljubljana, and even has its own anthem.

Home Fried Potatoes, as the song Pražen Krompir has been translated into English, was authored by the famed Slovenian late popular music composer Mojmir Sepe and late song writer Dušan Velkaverh.

The lyrics are also available in English on the society's website, reading "We love potatoes, the best ones that grow, fry them with onions and make a great show!"

According to the official recipe, Pražen Krompir as the dish is known in Slovenian is made from 3 kilos of potatoes, 4.6 kilos of yellow onions, 1.23 kilos of pork lard, 1.36 kilos of pork cracklings and sea salt, the amount of which depends on the climate conditions on the frying location.

The organizers expect several thousand visitors from Slovenia and abroad to turn out.


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