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One of world's smallest manned helicopters made in W Slovenia


Tolmin - More than a decade ago Miro Črv started developing a small coaxial helicopter at his home in the hills of western Slovenia. This year his product is being shipped to buyers world-wide, mostly to the US.

The SCH-2A is one of the lightest manned coaxial helicopters in the world. Mirocopter, the business established by Črv, will sell about ten of them this year.

With regular maintenance, the company says the helicopter provides for reliable and enjoyable flight at low operational and maintenance costs.

The SCH-2A is available for EUR 33,000, plus delivery and customs costs. Production takes four to five months.

The product has been developed and tested for more than 12 years, and Mirocopter was established this year. For the time being it has no employees, with Črv and Petra Marušič taking care of the business side of things.

The helicopter is manufactured and assembled as a serial product by the Cerkno-based engineering company EL-KRM, the Tolmin-based company Smarteh developed and built the instrument panel.

Črv, who comes from Šentviška Planota, says they are happy their product is fully developed and made locally even though it cannot currently be flown in Slovenia.

The helicopters are sold through authorised dealers worldwide. Most are sold in the US where it is possible to fly such type of aircraft.

Mirocopter intends to develop and improve on its product further and expand the network of authorised dealers while it tests the market's response.

Certification of the SCH-2A in markets outside the US is under way.

There has also been considerable interest for their helicopter to be converted into heavy lift drones, where Mirocopter collaborates with several companies abroad.

Most recently they were featured at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, US, known as the world's largest air show. They say the response from the organizers and visitors exceeded all expectations.


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