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Slovenians not as happy with response to Russian aggression as other EU citizens


Brussels - Slovenians are not as supportive of the EU's and the government's response to the Russian aggression against Ukraine as most Europeans while they are happier with the state of their national economy than most EU citizens, shows the latest Eurobarometer survey.

According to the survey, 47% of EU citizens see the EU in a positive light and the share of Slovenians is only slightly lower, at 45%, while 16% of Europeans and just as many Slovenians see it in a negative light.

Europeans are increasingly concerned about the economic situation in the EU and in their own country, with the share of those seeing the economic developments as positive dropping to 40% and the share of those believing that the European economy is currently in a bad shape standing at 51%. The share of those believing their national economy is in a poor state is at 64%.

Meanwhile, in Slovenia, 64% of respondents said they were happy with the economic situation in their country.

Still, the support for the euro currently rose to the record 72% and is even higher in Slovenia, at 88%.

Although 62% of respondents think the war in Ukraine had a major impact on their personal finances, and most citizens think inflation and energy prices are the most important EU issues, 57% of Europeans are happy with the EU's response to the war in Ukraine. In Slovenia the share is much lower, at 45%.

Other measures related to the war and its consequences enjoy even higher support, as 92% of respondents support humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and almost as many support accepting refugees. Economic sanctions introduced by the EU against Russia enjoy the support of 78% of respondents.

Just over two-thirds support supplying military equipment to Ukraine, while in Slovenia only half of respondents support such aid. Slovenians are also less in favour of sanctions against Russia than is the EU average.

EU citizens in general are quite positive about their countries' and the EU's response to the pandemic. The share of those confident that the EU will make the right decisions in response to the pandemic rose to 63%, while in Slovenia the share is much lower, at 48%.

The survey was conducted among 26,468 citizens of 27 EU countries between 17 June and 17 July. In Slovenia, about 1,000 people were interviewed between 17 June and 13 July.


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