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Six in Critical Condition Morning after Hot Air Balloon Crash


The 32 people on board of the balloon, six among them were children, included two Italian and two British citizens. The two Italians sustained minor injuries and have been discharged, police spokesperson Maja Adlešič said on Friday.

She added that one survivor and the four casualties that have been charred beyond recognition are yet to be identified. Adlešič also confirmed that the pilot was among the survivors. When asked whether the co-pilot survived as well, she said this had yet to be determined.

The patients with the most severe injuries were admitted to UKC Ljubljana hospital after the balloon crashed in flames on the outskirts of the capital.

Five of them are still in critical condition Friday morning, according to the hospital. Nine of the patients brought to UKC Ljubljana have however already been discharged yesterday.

Public broadcaster Radio Slovenija reported in the morning that a child was among the six who remain in critical condition.

One of the two patients brought by helicopter to UKC Maribor remains in critical condition and is scheduled for a series of operations next week, Erik Vrabič of UKC Maribor's ward for reconstructive surgery told the press on Friday.

The condition of the other patient is somewhat better and he is to be removed from the intensive care unit today, according to Vrabič. His burns are somewhat deeper and he will also have to undergo surgery next week.

The most common injuries among the crash victims are fractions of the spine and extremities, the doctors said yesterday.

Regional hospitals in Celje, Jesenice and Novo mesto have treated a total of seven patients with less severe injuries. The Novo mesto hospital has already discharged two, the remaining three will follow today, the hospital said.

Radko Komadina, a surgeon from the Celje hospital, told the STA that the patient treated there was stable and was no longer in critical condition. Komadina is also optimistic about the course of further treatment.

Janez Pšenica from the Jesenice hospital said the patient treated there had suffered several fractions, but did not need surgical treatment. She will remain hospitalised for several more days for pain management.


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