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Heating oil subject to price regulation as of Tuesday


Ljubljana - Heating oil will be subject to price regulation as of 13 September under a decree that the government adopted on Friday in a bid to mitigate the cost-of-living crisis ahead of the start of the heating season.

The margin for retailers will be capped at 8 cents per litre, the Government Communication Office said. The underlying price will be calculated according to a formula determined in the decree, which has not been released yet.

Price regulation will be coupled with the temporary lifting of a CO2 levy not just for heating oil but also for diesel, petrol and natural gas.

Heating oil currently costs between roughly EUR 1.46 and EUR 1.54 per litre from the largest providers, Petrol and OMV.

The price regulation was announced several days ago, but as late as yesterday Prime Minister Robert Golob said that margins will be tackled first and if that does not work, full price regulation will kick in.


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