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Off-motorway regular and diesel cheaper from Tuesday


Ljubljana - The regulated prices of regular and diesel at pumps outside motorways will be reduced from Tuesday. The price of regular will go down by 13.7 cents to EUR 1.354 per litre, and the price of diesel will decrease by 8.4 cents to EUR 1.683, the Economy Ministry said on Monday.

The new prices will be in place for two weeks, that is until 26 September.

The prices are calculated on the basis of a methodology based on the trends of the world market prices of petroleum products and the trends regarding the US dollar-euro exchange rate.

The model prices are calculated on the basis of 14-day averages of the prices of mineral petroleum products. Meanwhile, the prices of motor fuels at gas stations along motorways and expressways are set by retailers themselves.

The new prices, which kick in on Tuesday, have been also impacted by the government's decision last Friday to once again abolish the duty to pay environmental taxes on carbon dioxide emissions for diesel, petrol, heating oil and natural gas.

The government suspended the levy in June, reintroduced it on 2 August and has now suspended it again.

Regulated prices of heating oil will also apply from Tuesday. On Friday, the government amended the regulation on the pricing of certain petroleum products, which will cap margins for heating oil at EUR 0.08 per litre in addition to those for petrol and diesel outside motorways.

From Tuesday, the maximum retail selling price of heating oil will be EUR 1.37 per litre.


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