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Bike sharing expanding to the countryside


Banovci - Slovenians are increasingly embracing bike share schemes, which have so far been mostly available in cities. Now, the popular rental service is expanding to the rural Prlekija region in the north-east of the country as part of the project Bike Chain in the Countryside. Both regular and e-bikes will be available.

The Prlekija Local Action Group has set up four automated bike share stations for regular and e-bikes in Ljutomer, Veržej and in Banovci.

Registered users will pay EUR 5 for the daily rental of any type of bike and EUR 15 for the annual pass.

Prleški Bicikl (Prlekija Bicycle) is soon to connect with Soboški Biciklin (Murska Sobota Bicycle) through the Goričko Local Action Group to create a regional system called Pomurje Bike, which will offer 19 stations in nine Pomurje municipalities.

Soboški Biciklin, set up in the autumn of 2015, has recently been expanded with new stations.

The first city in Slovenia to introduce a bike sharing system was Ljubljana in 2011, and the system has been expanding and spreading to other cities ever since. An e-bike rental system was made available in the capital this summer.

Slovenia's second largest city, Maribor, got a bike sharing scheme this spring.


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