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Coalition may show shrewdness in presidential race, says Delo


Ljubljana - There is no good reason why MEP Milan Brglez should not receive joint coalition support and why citizens should not see proof of the political maturity of people running the country, says Delo in Saturday's front-page commentary.

Commenting on the developments regarding presidential candidate Brglez, Delo says that Prime Minister Robert Golob and Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon, both respective leaders of their parties, the Freedom Movement and SocDems, should come to an "appropriate public interpretation" of the former's announcement that they will support an independent in the presidential race.

The term "independent" has not been coordinated internally, and it should be taken into consideration that when seeking support for the Freedom Movement's initial candidate Marta Kos, who has since pulled out of the race, Golob did not mind at all that she was a political official - the vice president of his own party, so it remains to be seen why this is suddenly the case with Brglez.

"According to pollsters, Brglez is the right kind of candidate for voters who backed the Freedom Movement in the April election [...]. As he can be politically positioned to the left of centre, he could also count on the support of the Left.

"As the joint candidate of the coalition, he undoubtedly has a chance of making it to the Presidential Palace," says the commentary headlined Unnecessary Spectacle.

"And since in the current situation there is no valid reason for political gamesmanship and calculations, [...] citizens may on this occasion receive confirmation of the political maturity of people who are currently running the country."


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