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China's Tencent injects cash in Slovenian game developer


Ljubljana - The Chinese tech giant Tencent last year acquired a 25% stake in the Slovenian video games developer Triternion in exchange for a EUR 8.2 million recapitalisation of the company, the newspaper Finance has reported.

The acquisition of the minority stake was announced on Friday on the website Games Press by Triternion founder and CEO Marko Grgurović.

Tencent group is the world's largest video game vendor. Employing more than 110,000 people, the group posted a net profit of EUR 35 billion on roughly EUR 86 billion in revenue last year, according to Finance.

Based on last year's balance sheets, the newspaper established that the Singapore-based company Zopola International, which Grgurović says is part of Tencent, invested EUR 8.2 million in fresh capital in Triternion in exchange for a 25% stake in the company.

Grgurović told Finance that the new minority owner provided them with support in the form of know-how and by opening doors for them in the IT world without getting involved in their day-to-day operations or games development. "We can still do want we want to do," he said.

After the recapitalisation, Grgurović has kept a 75% stake in his company. Last year Triternion made EUR 4.5 million in sales revenue and EUR 925,000 in net profit.

Grgurović says the aim of recapitalisation is to expand their team. He plans to invite ten more game developers to join the team of 20 currently working in Ljubljana. He will likely try to recruit most new developers abroad but he is not averse to recruiting locally.

"After the recapitalisation, we have enough funds to spend three or four years developing games that we believe have the potential to succeed," he said. He plans to adapt the hit game Mordhau for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles to make them available to gamers with these devices early in 2023.


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