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Flood waters recede, Osilnica still cut off

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Osilnica - Flood waters in the south of the country are receding as the sun broke through the clouds on Sunday to expose the extent of the damage after three days of heavy rain. One of the most badly affected towns, Osilnica is only accessible by road via Croatia.

The border Kolpa river and its tributaries started to recede as rain stopped on Saturday in Osilnica and Kostel, the most affected municipalities.

However, the residents there as well as those in the town of Črnomelj further downstream need to boil their water to make it drinkable until further notice because the damage to the water supply systems.

Osilnica Mayor Alenka Kovač said the sunny weather would allow the community to start assessing the damage and cleaning up and repairing after the floods.

As the local road via Kočevska Reka and Strma Reber is damaged, Osilnica is only accessible by road via Croatia.

"It looks like we're going to be cut off from the world for quite a while, so we want the authorities to examine the damage as soon as possible and start repairs," the mayor told the STA.

The worst damage in Osilnica is to the state roads and people's homes.

Preliminary damage assessment is also under way in Kostel so it was hard for Deputy Mayor Miran Briški to say anything definite. However, villages along the Kolpa are mostly accessible now that flood waters receded.


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